Review: TCX Hero WP Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

TCX is an Italian company with an array of styles and roles of motorcycle boots, from the track to the adventure, vintage or classic rider. Naturally I wanted something that would look proper with my Triumph Bonneville T100, but offer the protection I needed in case of an accident.

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Door County, WI, September 2018

Door County is plentiful with more sights to see, including Cave Point County Park, which is on my list to visit and photograph in 2019. I feel fortunate enough to be within a reasonable distance to a place of calm where those waters can quell anxiety and help me to feel truly present.


Alaska 2016 Thoughts

As the purple Fireweed began to reveal more of itself across the landscape at 60 MPH, I knew we were closing in on Alaska. The Yukon Territory presented yet many more hundreds of miles of beautiful scenery, while snowcapped mountains further along the horizon eaked out from that inner-voice, "but wait, there's more!".

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E0.1: Calumet County Park

Uploaded 11/06/2018 Another preliminary video figuring out video/gear setup and filming. Checkout the beautiful scenery around the park, and get into what motivates me to camp.

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E0: High Cliff State Park, WI

Uploaded 10/28/2018 This is just a test of my Sony A6000 camera gear in prep for next year's focus on a moto camping channel. Definitely need more batteries and…